What are your rates?

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 14:45:52

·      he free edition can be used for free forever and can offer up to 20GB storage space, 5 accounts and 10 revisions of a single file;

·      The basic edition is priced at RMB 40/account/month and can offer 1T storage space (scalable), up to 50 accounts, 10 external collaborators and 50 revisions of a single file;

·      The professional edition can offer 3T storage space (scalable), 20 external collaborators (the number may be increased flexibly) and up to 100 revisions of a single file, and will provide more management functions in the future. The professional edition will be priced based on the number of accounts and application model of a customer. Please contact our product consultants for specific price (hotline: 400-993-9050; ext.: 1).