How to complete real-name authentication?

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:50:18

Real-name authentication can be completed at FangCloud's mobile App, which can be downloaded at:


App versions supporting real-name authentication (iOS V2.1.1 and higher versions, Android V2.1.1 and higher versions)


Please complete real-name authentication via FangCloud's Mobile App > Me > Account Details. After finding the entrance for real-name authentication, you may click "Start" to complete real-name authentication, and the result of real-name authentication will be sent to you on a real-time basis.

In case of failure of real-name authentication, please check whether you information meet the requirements. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact FangCloud's Customer Service by calling 400-993-9050 or contacting QQ: 800835060 for assistance.