Steps for Enabling Secondary Authentication

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:49:05

Secondary authentication is optional, but we strongly suggest that you use this security function. After this function is enabled, FangCloud will ask you to enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone or the App in addition to your account number and password when you want to log into your account, in order to authenticate your identity.

·      Enable two-step authentication

·      by using SMS

·      by using Google Authenticator (App)

·      by using WeChat

Enable secondary authentication

    1. Log into your FangCloud account

    2. Click you name at the upper right corner on any page to open your account menu.

    3. Click Personal Settings under account menu to enter the page for settings, and then select the "Security Settings" tab.

    4. Click "Enable Secondary Authentication" in the secondary authentication section.

    5. For the sake of security, the system will ask you to re-enter your password to enable secondary authentication. After entering your password, you may choose to receive a verification code via SMS, WeChat or Google Authenticator. Receiving verification code via SMS is available only to users of the team edition or the enterprise edition.

by using SMS

If you choose to receive security codes via SMS, you must have a mobile phone that can receive short messages. Whenever you log into your FangCloud account with your password, your mobile phone receives a short message containing a verification code. You need to enter the code to complete authentication in order to continue to access your account. To enable this option, you need to:

    1. Choose to use SMS during setting of secondary authentication. 

    2. Enter the mobile phone number that will receive short messages containing verification codes.

    3. You will receive short messages containing verification codes sent by the system. Enter the verification code as prompted to complete verification of your mobile phone number and enable secondary authentication.

by using Google Authenticator (App)

Google Authenticator can be used to generate a private security code that stays effective within a specified period. You can use the security code to log into your FangCloud.

In order to use Google Authenticator:

    1. You should choose to use Google Authenticator during setting of secondary authentication.

    2. You need to download the Google Authenticator App firstly.

    3. You need to obtain a key by scanning the barcode or manually entering a key, and then enter the key in the App.

    4. Upon completion of setting of Google Authenticator, you need to enter the security code in order to verify installation and enable secondary authentication.

    PS: Google Authenticator can generate security codes even if the cellular/data service isn't enabled, which is a very useful function when you are traveling or staying at a place with poor signal coverage.

by using WeChat

If you choose to receive verification codes via our official account on WeChat, you need to have a WeChat ID. Whenever you want to log into your FangCloud account by using your password, your WeChat account receives a push notification containing a verification code sent by our official account. To enable this option, you need to:

    1. Choose to use WeChat during setting of secondary authentication.

    2. Scan the QR code with your WeChat ID to follow FangCloud's official account.

    3. After following our official account, you will receive a verification code. If no verification is sent, you may scan the QR code again.

    4. Enter the verification code sent to your WeChat account in order to bind your account and complete secondary authentication.


Enterprise Administrator of FangCloud: You may ask enterprise members to enable secondary authentication.You can complete this setting via Enterprise Console.