How to guarantee security of my account

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:46:24

If your computer or mobile device is lost or stolen, or you are concerned about security of your account, you may take the following actions:

·      Change your password

·      Set secondary authentication

·      Device Management


Change your password

You may change your password in Account Security SettingsPlease be sure to use a strong password that has never been used in any other service.

Set secondary authentication

Secondary authentication can effectively protect your account from unauthorized access. When you log into your account, the system asks you to enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone or application. Please refer to How to Set Secondary Authentication.

Device Management

For any device or browser that has been remaining logged-in to your FangCloud account, FangCloud keeps a record of the time of its last access and the IP address. The IP address can be used for determining the general geographic location where a device is connected to the Internet via an Internet service provider. You may check the information in Account Security Settings.

In Device Management, you may click  to delete any suspicious device or browser session.

·      By deleting the device synchronously logging into your account, you will terminate synchronization with the device. You may continue to access your account only by logging into your account again.

·      By deleting a mobile device or a browser session, you will log out of your account. You may continue to use FangCloud only by logging into your account again.

·      If the deleted browser was set as a trusted device, secondary authentication is required for logging into your account.