What are your advantages over your competitors?

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:39:34

The company's founders are former senior employees of BOX, the most successful provider of enterprise file storage and coordination services around the world, so they have rich experience in and insights on file collaboration software. As you can see, our enterprise-grade software has absolute advantages in various aspects such as permission settings, supported file formats, timely notification and interaction, and cooperation and communication with customers. Meanwhile, our product positioning is well-defined, i.e. creating a simple office software product suitable for the Chinese based on their habits and helping enterprises improve work efficiency and create more value. In addition, many of our domestic counterparts attach insufficient importance to customer service, but we have an in-depth understanding on the importance of customer service. In order to maintain long-term development, an enterprise must provide great services. We are determined to learn from Haidilao, an industry-leading catering enterprise, and become an outstanding enterprise SAAS vendor which is dedicated to providing great product experience as well as considerate and professional services for our customers.