Why users of the FangCloud-Alibaba Cloud cooperative edition must bind account data on Alibaba Cloud's OSS (Object Storage Service) to FangCloud? How to bind?

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:37:17

The FangCloud-Alibaba Cloud cooperative edition is a service jointly launched by FangCloud and Alibaba Cloud OSS. Specifically, FangCloud provides file management and office coordination services and Alibaba Cloud provides OSS based on separated billing. You need to bind your account data on Alibaba Cloud OSS in order to receive all services.

1. If you don't have an Alibaba Cloud OSS account and want to know more about Alibaba Cloud OSS, please refer to Start to use Alibaba Cloud OSS

2. If you already have an Alibaba Cloud OSS account, you need to create your private storage space, and you should choose "East China 1" as the region to which the storage space belongs because the service isn't available to other regions yet. Please refer to Create Storage Space


3. Enter bucket, key id and key secret to complete data binding. We suggest that you use key id and key secret of the sub-account. Please refer to Bucket permission management of OSS

     * Visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud, log in to your Alibaba Cloud account and enter Console - AccessKey to check key id and key secret. 

The relationship between data in FangCloud and that in OSS

1. Your files uploaded to FangCloud are encrypted and stored in OSS bucket, so contents of these files cannot be checked in OSS.

2. Your files directly uploaded to OSS bucket will not be displayed on FangCloud.