What is external collaboration?

yifangyunCreated at:Jan 02, 2019 11:04:20

The key point of external collaboration is providing a space for file sharing and communication between employees of a company and the outside world. Functions of external collaboration and matters needing attention concerning external collaboration are described as follows: 

1) Permission of external collaborators can be set by owners (co-owners) of a folder.

2) External collaborators can not only provide collaboration in file sharing but also make comments and interact with other collaborators of the same folder. In addition, after completion of a project, owners (co-owners) can cancel the collaborative relationship directly.

3) External collaborators are special because: First, permission of external collaborators are offered by their inviters; collaborators are not allowed to change their permission or invite others, thus ensuring effective information security control. Second, the storage resources consumed by external collaborators in the folder belong to the enterprise for which their inviters work. Third, external collaborators can check the collaborative relationship concerning the folder, but cannot check the internal contacts of the enterprise.